How to get a verified Instagram profile?

How to get a verified Instagram profile?

How to get a verified Instagram profile? 1500 1000 Evolum

There have always been many secrets about the Instagram verification process. Does the number of followers also affect the application? Is it harder to verify businesses on Instagram? What factors really matter who will have a verified profile?

If you want to know how to get a verified Instagram profile, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you how to request verification and what you need to qualify. Instagram allows users to request verification directly from Instagram! Of course, only those who meet the stringent Instagram requirements have, of course, the hope of being approved.

How to request verification?

You can submit an Instagram verification request directly from the app.

1.To request verification, first make sure that you are signed in to the account for which you require verification.

2.Open the profile and click the three-line button in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open the sidebar menu to access your Instagram settings.

3.When you get to Instagram settings, scroll down and tap ‘‘ Request verification ‘‘.

4.Enter your full name, nickname and category, then attach photos of your ID.

5.When you do this, just tap Send!

After reviewing your application, Instagram will notify you if your application has been approved or rejected. However, do not expect an immediate response. There is no timeline for how long this process takes.According to Instagram, after reviewing your application, you will receive a notification to let you know whether your account has been verified or not.If your application is rejected, you can submit a new application in 30 days. If your application has been accepted, your verified badge should appear immediately in your account.

What do I really need to verify my profile?

Verification is reserved for accounts that Instagram considers “in the public interest”. More precisely, you must be a celebrity, celebrity, or global brand.

You must adhere to the Network Terms of Service and Community Policies . And then explaining Instagram on your website, your account must also be:

  • An authentic. Obviously, you have to be who you say you are. This means a real person, registered business or brand.
  • Unique. You can only verify one account per person or business, except for language-specific accounts. Instagram claims to not verify accounts of general interest as meme jokes.
  • Public. To get verified, your account is already visible to everyone, yes?
  • competent. You must have a bio, profile photo, and at least one post. Note: Instagram says your profile may not contain “add me” links to other social media services.
  • A remarkable. Instagram emphasizes again that verified accounts must “represent a well-known, searched person, brand or entity.” When reviewing the verification application, Instagram examines whether a user is listed in multiple news sources. Paid or promotional content doesn’t count.

This is the biggest problem in the Instagram verification process (and also one of the reasons why the blue badge is so coveted) – it’s hard to get it! There is plenty of room for interpretation.

What if I can’t get a verified account? 

If you can’t verify your profile for the first time, there are other ways to prove the authenticity of your Instagram account – and increase your chances.

  1. Promote your Instagram account on your website and other social networks

This will not only help more people find information about you, but will also clarify the confusion about which accounts are official. So add a link to your Instagram profile on other social networks, websites and available media.

  1. Share your Instagram account in other communications

You should also embed your Instagram content in blog posts. This way, people who discover your blog through a search engine can connect with you on the installer. For the verification process itself, this step is very effective – it improves your tracing on the Internet.

    1. Keep aesthetics

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Sixty percent of the top Instagram brands use the same filter for each WebDam analysis. Using the same filter over and over allows you to see what your Instagram surveillance is in line with your overall branding. This will serve as a signal to users that your Instagram account is legitimate.

      1. Make sure your Instagram username is the same as on other channels (Same concept as above)

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Simple tagging – textual and visual – makes it easy for your followers on other platforms to find and recognize you on Instagram.

        1. Paste a link to your website

in your profile
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Another way to prove that your account is authentic. But don’t re-enter a link to another social network. Instagram says it will not verify profiles that “contain” links to other social channels. ”

          1. Link to verified accounts

For example, if you work for a brand that is already verified, tag it in your Bio. This will increase your credibility.

Resubmit your request. If your verification request remained rejected for the first time, please take the time to follow the recommendations and improve your profile and credibility.