Instagram is currently one of the fastest-growing social networks. You can reach over 700 million active users worldwide on this platform. It is used not only by large global brands but also by small businesses or individuals to make their products or services more visible. Use our services to promote, promote, or manage your account in the right direction with real results. Your Instagram can also become an important marketing tool. You can be an individual, a brand, or a small business. Anyone can use our services.

What should I do before ordering a service?

1. Filled and checked login data from the Instagram account and email. Please double check that the data is correct.
2. Disable 2-step verification for your account (see the settings section of the mobile app)
3. Setting a privacy profile to a public profile (while using the service)
4. The profile should contain at least 15 posts.
5. Filled account information (BIO) and added profile photo.
6. Do not use any other way of promoting Instagram profile (paid advertising, various forms of advertising shoutouts, third-party applications)

Unless one of these steps is fulfilled in terms of safety and work efficiency, the service cannot be delivered.

Most Instagram users are constantly trying to increase their followers. The main idea is often that the more followers you have on your Instagram account, the more valuable your Instagram account will be. At least it can look like this on the surface. The number of people who follow your profile can be valuable. In addition to the follower number, an important aspect is the involvement of posts in a particular Instagram account.

What is Engagement? Engagement or often called engagement rate on social Instagram is not about the number of followers on your account, but about the percentage of engagement, your fans have with your content. In short, it’s the percentage of the interaction. This reflects how users like, comment, and respond to your content.

Who is and what it looks like Ghost follower?

interakci angažovnosť lajky

In short, Ghost followers are fake or inactive users on Instagram (or other social media platforms) who are unresponsive and not interested in your content. .These types of accounts rarely have content in their profiles and are often created by robots. These accounts are following you, but are not dealing with your content, creating no interaction or minimal interaction that is not even real.

Can Ghost followers be harmful, affecting engagement?


The Instagram algorithm uses a degree of engagement to compile and display posts to display in a specific order based on your interests. Therefore, if a contribution has a high level of engagement, Instagram will assume it is more engaging and will even show it higher and favor it. So if you don’t get rid of these insidious useless followers, your engagement rate will remain low and Instagram will prioritize the contributions of other accounts instead of yours. so your favorites and comments will be lower and lower. If you want to get rid of this unwanted impact, we recommend the “Engagement” service to help you correct post interactions or remove these followers separately.

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