5 important reasons why to use Instagram

5 important reasons why to use Instagram

5 important reasons why to use Instagram 1920 1289 Evolum

Why Instagram?

Instagram is proving to be the most powerful marketing tool for companies or individuals nowadays. It is one of the most popular social networks for sharing images and videos with 1 billion active users per month. Instagram is the second most famous app in the world, available for free in the Google Play store. Nearly 60 million images are shared every day on Instagram. Brand engagement on Instagram is 58 times higher than on any other social networking platform.

If your business is not yet on or is still appearing Instagram here you can learn about the main benefits of this social network.

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Image instead of a thousand words

No, it doesn’t have to be a cliché at all. Imagine that you have a product or service that you can visualize in a dynamic way. Great visuals of photos or videos can be charged with emotions. When you combine menu and passion into a visual image, you can create fantastic opportunities.Images capture ideas and emotions in a way that is perfectly adapted to our modern global society. Photographs can translate words and do not require much attention to processing.

ako vyzerá správny príspevok na instagrame

So a photo is able to say a thousand words, what else do you need? Photos or videos may be able to tell or capture an engaging story, but descriptions are equally important. A great step to engage your followers in addition to a photo or video to add an interesting description to them. There are many possibilities. Engage with your content – ask your followers questions. A simple post that is composed only of a photo people may not understand correctly, but by adding a suitable description you can do more.

Instagram offers a behind the scenes look

stories na instagrame

Instagram is a great way to show potential customers that you are more than just a faceless profile filled with photos. You can do this through Instagram Stories. The possibility is more but a huge success of experiencing Stories or Live videos.

You can be inspired by big brands like making videos or photos that show how their products are made, interactive office employee videos, and live questions and answers between you and your audience.

It is also an excellent way to build a relationship, trust and credibility with followers and prove that your business has a human side as well. In this way, consumers can perceive you as more than just an entity that wants money.

Social network for mobile devices

Instagram is a mobile platform, and as 80% of social media browsing is currently on mobile devices, you should not doubt the presence on your mobile phone. While users can view Instagram in a web browser, its usage is very limited. For example, you can only post from mobile devices.

This may seem like a downside but the way people shop today has changed since the arrival of the smartphone. 80% of customers use mobile phones to search for product reviews or compare online actions. It’s fast and convenient because smartphones are compact and most people have contact with them all day long.

Instagram and Facebook

You probably know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, but they are still two different platforms. Why use Instagram with Facebook if they are two separate social media sites? You can actually link the two platforms that reach both your Facebook and your Instagram audiences.

If you’re interested in Facebook ads, you can also run it on Instagram. Or, if you post to Instagram, you can also automatically post it to Notebook or Messenger. Linking your accounts is beneficial because it can save you a lot of time and help keep your social accounts cohesive.

You can work with Influencers

influencer marketing instabreakfast

It may seem like a simple model that when it comes to social media and you have a base of your loyal fans then you can gain influence. Instagram has made the use of Infuencer marketing become very popular and key in the online world. Imagine those who are not so familiar with an Instagram profile with thousands of followers can promote their brand or product through a person with influence and a built-in audience with more followers.

A reliable Infuencer can take your company’s sales awareness to the next level. Investing in Influencer marketing can often be a very rewarding and effective strategy.

So why use Instagram?

Collaborate with your customers, promote your products and build awareness of your brand! It’s not enough to just add photos. Instagram is a social platform that you can use regardless of whether you sell a product or a service.