How does the Instagram algorithm work in 2019?

Ako funguje algoritmus Instagramu v roku 2019

How does the Instagram algorithm work in 2019?

How does the Instagram algorithm work in 2019? 2100 1400 Evolum

This question constantly causes a lot of confusion. It seems that Instagram has started to fight hard against a number of fake accounts and take action on artificial traffic after the June update. There is currently no indication that Instagram is planning to revert to chronological ordering of posts in your feed. Current Instagram makes it difficult to get new followers but also to get better engagement.

Before focusing on the Instagram algorithm, we first explain how the Instagram model works in the background and what changes have occurred.

How did the Instagram algorithm change in 2019?

We will go quickly to the present. In January 2019, Instagram recognized the growing public interest in their algorithm and broke the silence in the series of posts in their Tweets.

Specifically, he said that what appears first in your feed is primarily based on your own business.

Twitter a nový algoritmus

 Čo je teda obchodným cieľom spoločnosti Instagram?

At the turn of May and June, it was in the sign of limitation and blocking shoes . We’ve informed you about the detailed situation in the update section .

What is Instagram’s business goal?

Like facebook and other social networking platforms, Instagram is fueled by advertiser advertising. Instagram is optimized to show you posts you may like. It is based on your activity, whether in the app, on facebook or using cookies. Now combine three variables – mobile + content you like + time spent by the app you use. This means for the company the longer you spend time on Instagram, the more it can show you ads from advertisers.

As you can already guess, the algorithm is designed to keep users active (as long as possible, each time you open an app). Believe it or not, the algorithm constantly monitors the interests of 1+ billion users on Instagram. If you see posts you like, you still want to see more and more. Doesn’t it remind you of a similar effect to a casino?

Instagram always analyzes your behavior and the interests of other users. Displays a sample of content if you like winning by gaining your attention. If it does not win, it loses the attention of users and ultimately closes the application. Instagram has lost the chronological order of posts and has started showing you posts that you like or are in line with your interests first. However, this often led to showing the same or similar posts – there is already a drop in interest.

The 3 Instagram decisive factors that make up your feed

# 1.Interest
The algorithm is designed to browse and analyze past user interests so that it can predict what you are most likely to encounter.The algorithm deals with factors such as:

  • What you like
  • What you comment
  • Profiles you follow
  • Which hashtags you follow
  • Stories you follow
  • Stories you respond to or deal with
  • Who you chat with in messages
  • Which ads you click

Let’s take an example – if you browse frequently and interact with posts, for fashion, expect Instagram to serve you similar posts. Or you can create content that hash hasags with a fashion theme.

# 2.Relationships – Next, it’s your relationship with other Instagram users.

The Instagram algorithm will focus on:

  • How often you view your followers profile
  • Do you frequently write messages?
  • Are you tagging each other in posts or comments?
  • Do you save images with each other?
  • How long have you been watching stories with each other?

The better your relationship with another user, the higher the Instagram priority that shows your posts to that user or vice versa. Therefore, it is important to have close relationships with your followers so that Instagram always shows you posts you know you will like. There’s more exposure to your profile.

# 3.News

Finally, the Instagram algorithm will place new content on top of your feed instead of old content. This is not as important as your interests and relationships, but it is important to know. If Instagram has the option to show you newer content to keep your attention.

How do I get “High Organic Score” for Instagram?

Ako získať „vysoké organické skóre“ pre Instagram ?

Here we can discuss for a long time, so we take three main factors into subcategories so that we can understand the algorithm in our favor in more detail. A high score can also mean that Instagram believes that people like and discover your profile. A favorable high score for Instagram can be improved or can mean:

  • Engagement or engagement (lots of likes and comments)
  • Tagged by other users
  • Saving posts
  • People who share your content in stories or messages
  • Have some or many followers
  • Gradually add posts
  • Time spent in the app.


Instagram favors and favors users who are active and more active because they can show more ads to them. That means more profit for him. Other profiles are entering the game and you do not follow them completely. If you have high-quality engaging content and a large number of followers, then you have a great chance that your post will find itself in the Explore feed. It can also be discovered by people you don’t follow directly, which can mean profile growth.

Strategies and tactics to recharge the Instagram algorithm in 2019

It’s no secret that only a percentage of your followers will see your posts. On average this tends to be 7 to 10%. This fact and new changes can be very frustrating for new users, local or small businesses. We’ll give you a few tactics and insights like using or Instagram marketing to benefit in spite of these facts, which must play for the benefit of many users who do not own profiles with a huge number of followers and hundreds of posts.

# 1.Content and Quality.

Try to add quality content, preferably the best photos or videos. (Nothing new) Yes, but no. Add only your best photos at a time. Quality content goes hand in hand in imaging. You know it – high-quality photos, breathtaking colors or landscapes that only ask for interaction in the form of, for example, likes or comments. Look at the successful profiles in your Explore feed and analyze the type of content they upload – by topic, colors, edits, captions, hashtags, etc.

Among other things, focus and try to observe one fact, which is the gradual addition. Analyze with your business profile with the most active audience and add content to your audience. Stick to your interests and unified content. People will view and scroll through your profile – you regularly add content that is engaging (you’re creating interest). If you consistently add content to your Instagram you create and engage, which is a signal to the algorithm. However, if you add photos periodically one to two times a day and add one post the following week, Intagram will not like this model much. You may lose followers and your engagement decreases. The summary is: create compelling content and add it regularly at natural intervals. Even if you decide only once every 3 days, it will be rewarded – a certain pattern of constant good content.

# 2.Relationships

It is well known that if you frequently comment on posts, you create engagement with comments. You can also engage with direct messaging or post tagging. You are signaling that this is an active profile that wants to grow. We recommend responding to messages, comments, or posts at this step. You’re talking about relationships. Turn on notifications when someone leaves a comment and if you don’t want to respond, at least like this comment.

direct instagram správy na faceooku

If you are not directly on the phone you can respond to comments via the desktop. Just link your Instagram account to your Facebook page to get your messages. Dividing your attention across Facebook messaging platforms can be time consuming and difficult to monitor. Now you can quickly reply to comments and questions from one place!

#3.Instagram knows how much time you spend in the app.



Čas strávený na Instagrame

Instagram and facebook know a lot about you. Many users also have the time spent feature. With this feature, you can limit or monitor how much time you spent daily using Instagram. Here again, a certain model is repeated, in which you can be rewarded.

# 4. Rewards for new “tweaks”

IG TV a novinky Instagram

Experiment with all the new features. Because Instagram’s algorithm favors frequent engagement and activity. It encourages you to be rewarded for using all the new platform features! And since the algorithm takes into account all interactions – not only swipe forwards or backwards, but also interactions with stickers, voting, polls, quizzes or sending answers to a question label. Consider the user example, the more it responds and engages with your story stories, bringing them Instagram to the forefront in the sort. Conversely, for a user where you move the stories forward, the algorithm moves those stories to the background.

We also come to IGTV. Instagram has long tried to push and promote its own video platform and compete, for example, Youtube. Use IGTV video preview in your posts to increase engagement. Some time ago, it was only possible to watch videos directly on IGTV, which made it harder to access and interact with your videos. You can now share your video or create a one-minute video preview right on your profile.

Now ready to take advantage of the new Instagram algorithm for your benefit?

So how does the Instagram algorithm work? This question no longer needs to be a huge question mark. There are many ways you can connect customers or followers to your profile without having to invest solely in advertising. However, we would like to hear from you. Have you seen a decrease in engagement due to an update of the Instagram algorithm? Let us know in the comments below!