Instagram or Facebook? – How to choose which network better fit for your marketing

Instagram or Facebook? – How to choose which network better fit for your marketing

Instagram or Facebook? – How to choose which network better fit for your marketing 1500 1000 Evolum

Everyone who uses Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis will tell you that these platforms are different. That’s why so many users are still using accounts on both social networks. You may already know that Facebook is owned by Instagram. The fact that the largest social media platform in the world is the parent company of Instagram has made people perceive it as a whole.

They have common features, but each has unique marketing strengths and weaknesses. Strategies that work perfectly on Facebook can become an area for advertisers. On the contrary, on the photo-sharing platform it may be different. There are some differences between the two platforms. These are the differences in how users use them to promote them. Both bring with them their audience, which is different from each other. There is a certain sales funnel, a different way of raising awareness to influencing the purchase decision.

Marketing Efficiency

Want to focus on a nice visual page? So Instagram is better suited for direct marketing – engaging in customer communications, spreading awareness, presenting new products / services, comparing purchases, building awareness, and creating a brand story. In addition, Instagram is a power station for demographic groups under 30, especially for adolescents.

Facebook, on the other hand, remains the best in terms of visibility with a base with older age groups. It is also noteworthy that Facebook makes it easier for users to narrow down to third-party sites, and is similar to the online store.

facebook obchod eshopInstagram prohibits sharing links in posts and comments, and any external links appear only in your description. The steps required to visit your website make it more difficult to generate traffic – as far as Instagram is concerned, unlike Facebook, where you can theoretically insert a link under each post. Statistically, about 40% of Facebook users prefer more familiar and familiar contacts.

However, Instagram places more emphasis on discovery and observation and less on interaction – although ironically their engagement rate is much higher than on Facebook. Especially for the younger generation, Instagram is seen as a source of styles, an ideal place to discover new trends and discover new artists, as well as to watch your favorite celebrities. Instagram is dominated by industries such as fashion, beauty, interior design, architecture, photography and celebrities. This makes Instagram an excellent channel for influencer marketing. Users are actively looking for product recommendations here, unlike Facebook, where they actively ignore them.

Another already mentioned advantage of Instagram is customer engagement. Therefore, the word Instagram is often used in the marketing field. This is largely due to an algorithm that puts Facebook users at a disadvantage. They almost no longer see the normal organic contributions of their friends. Instagram has real customer feedback.

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Facebook vs. Instagram – Mobility and mobile users.

Is Facebook different in the mobile and desktop browser? When accessed via the mobile app, the difference is in the layout of the buttons, menus, overall design and control options. After all, it’s a necessity – smart phones have much smaller screens than computers. However, you can also check activity, read and create posts, advertising through both mobile and desktop applications. Many of Facebook’s desktop features are customized for mobile devices. You can also easily access the Messenger app from both devices. Facebook is perfectly optimized for desktop, portable and mobile devices. It should be noted that its limitations include work efficiency, access to variable settings, and ad management.

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Instagram, on the other hand, has little computer experience. There are a few limitations for desktop users when they sign in via a web browser. For example, you cannot add photos, edit existing posts, or watch stories in the Instagram browser desktop interface. Instagram is primarily optimized for mobile users to instantly share interesting moments in their lives.

Why use Facebook to promote your business?

Facebook has gone through many algorithm changes in recent years to reduce the organic reach for fanpage. Many brands and users worry if Facebook is still a good place for them to promote themselves and their content. This social network has a wealth of advertising opportunities and a rich user base at your fingertips. Facebook still has something to offer.

Reach a huge audience

First of all, Facebook has the largest social media audience with over 2 billion active users per month. This huge number is the ideal solution for brands and businesses to increase their visibility and reach their reach to new audiences. Although organic reach may decrease slightly, there are many ways to combat it. E.g. by focusing on real users and engaging your followers.

Facebook still has a fairly consistent user base in the 18-34 age group. Not only that, but also older age groups or what age they are growing – which means that, despite which age group you are targeting, you still have the opportunity to reach them on Facebook.

Sell your products

As Facebook grows and evolves, it is constantly introducing new business or business opportunities to sell its products and services. Facebook allows companies to upload products directly from their website to their Facebook page. Users can quickly and easily view products and click on purchases without leaving Facebook.

Get more with ads

Facebook has the most comprehensive advertising platform compared to other social networks such as Twitter and Pinterest. Probably other advertising channels in general.

Paid advertising allows you to target your audience throughout the sales funnel. From raising brand awareness with video ads, you have the option to optimize website traffic, support purchases, app installs, or lead generation. You can target a brand new audience based on demographics, interests, and behavior, or target your website visitors. There are several different ad formats to get the most out of your content and engage your audience – the possibilities are endless and the return can be surprising.

What can Instagram offer for your business?

Currently, there is a base with more than 25 million Instagram profiles that has grown rapidly in recent years. Marketers and brands see the huge potential that Instagram can provide. Not only that, but 1 billion active users visit Instagram every day, with 70% coming from search-based and not as direct followers. The opportunity to achieve the goals on this channel is massive. There are also some other key benefits to using Instagram for your business.

Achieve high engagement

Although Instagram still has a large reach (after recently reaching 1 billion active monthly users), the interaction that is generated from this channel is unmatched by any other social platform. Instagram significantly exceeds Facebook engagement.

Since Instagram is popular with the young generation between 18-29, it is clear that Instagram is the best opportunity to engage this audience.